Setting realistic objectives can be difficult, as many franchise consultants don't truly understand the modern recruitment process from beginning to end, and therefore, a lot of advice given is misleading to franchisors.

Lead Generation

Of any franchise recruitment process, the main objective is increasing the size of the franchise network, with the addition of quality (quality is not a priority of many franchise brands, but it should be!) franchisees. Effective lead generation begins with having the right exposure in order to generate enquiries. The budget for lead generation must be managed and monitored effectively on a monthly basis. This needs to be done to ensure that lead flow is consistent, and that the cost per lead matches the initial target set.


Lead Qualification

This part of the process begins immediately after a lead has been generated. Franchisors have two options as to going about this: Out-Sourced or In-House lead qualification. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method, and the choice will depend on such variables as overall recruitment budgets; how much control the franchisor needs to have; and whether the franchisor has the right personnel to handle this vital stage.