90% of franchise brands in the UK don’t have an effective recruitment strategy!!

Why is it that only 10% of franchise brands in the UK end up recruiting around 75% of the available potential franchisees every year?

In the UK it seems that the standard procedure for a newly set-up franchise brand is to book a stand at a franchise exhibition even though the majority of new brands will find it difficult to recruit their first franchisees through a show.

Shows can end up costing up to £10,000 for decent stand space, stand ‘dressing’, printed promotional materials and time so to not achieve a result should be unthinkable.

Much as I support some of the shows, I would like to understand why franchise development consultants continue to recommend that new franchisors (who have usually just spent tens of thousands on consultancy fees just to get to the recruitment stage) invest so much money launching at a show when they don’t appear to have a large recruitment budget, or have invested in effective recruitment systems…

Surely the more sensible approach and advice to them would be to set a realistic 1st year target, agree sensible overall recruitment budgets (to included advertising, marketing, PR, systems and personnel) based on those objectives and then decide where it would be best to apportion that budget to keep thing affordable and still achievable.

I would always suggest new brands with low budgets seek the low cost, easily measurable and easily amendable form of lead generation through established online franchise advertising portals to start with.

The money saved by taking this approach should be invested in either working with an experienced franchise recruitment consultant, or in setting up good in-house systems, processes and personnel to receive and handle leads as they are generated.

If this whole process is managed well, then you will be able to generate a flow of leads to match your budget and fit your objectives…

If anyone has a good argument or disagrees with this view (apart from the show organisers themselves!), I would love to hear from you…